The Painted Churches of Schulenburg

Traveling through the country during early winter often requires using Route #10, especially making one’s way through Texas. Stopping to visit local landmarks makes the trip interesting, breaking up the monotony of an otherwise vacant landscape.

The most interesting feature for exploration of the area surrounding Schulenburg is the tour of the Painted Churches. These unique churches date back to the 1800s when Czech and German immigrants to commemorate their deeply held religious convictions.

There are five of these churches included on a five church tour, including St. Cyril and Methodists Church, St. John the Baptist Church, St. Paul Lutheran, St. Mary’s Church High Hill, and St. Mary’s Church Hill. Some of these churches,while appearing to be plain and unworthy of special interest, the insides are breathtaking with high columns, and intricate cerulean painting detail. The insides are usually a pink or blue, stenciled in characteristic art of the period. Touches of gold encase detailed stained glass windows.

It is worth the detour of life to visit the past in this tiny little town with handprinted history.

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