The Trip West 2019

Yet, with all that beauty, the best quality was being close to the kids in Venice Beach.  We had reserved two months and, immediately before our departure, we received an unsettling email canceling our reservations and refunding our deposit with no explanation.  

View from the Malibu RV Resort, Winter 2018

The start of a trip is always nerve-wracking, yet filled with the unknown, unanticipated events, unique challenges, and novel experiences.  This year we face an unforeseen decision – do we have a place to park the RV and be within driving distance of the family, son and daughter-in-law and grandson?  Malibu RV Resort, overlooking the beach and just above Pacific Coast Highway, burned in the fall fires.  What an amazing view and only about $2400 a month to keep the RV in the park, unlikely to be duplicated.  

When we visited, this is what we found.

Living the Journey

Sacrificing the need to find the many hidden delights in this world to work and family at last faded away with age and the wisdom of the perception of the fleeting nature of a lifetime.  With an embarrassing eagerness, I embraced every opportunity to travel near and far with limited regard for distance, cost, and the commitment of yearly voyages that, once undertaken, were nonviable financially as permanent commitments.

And now I begin…