Journey: Day #7

A trip to New Orleans is always a highlight if you want to meander through the French Quarter and you love beignets. Since this trip has been made many times by us, the only focus is the travel there and eating at the Commander’s Palace, an iconic restaurant featuring turtle soup, duck, and soufflés.

But, first the drive from Florida along the panhandle to New Orleans, through “Sweet Home Alabama” and then a brief time through Mississippi singing “When the Squirrel Went Berserk” which if you haven’t ever listened to you should for some belly laughs, especially if you are ever in Pascagoula.

We entered Louisiana and into the New Orleans RV Park & Marina, and life along the Mississippi River, the second longest river in North America. The park has been remarkably upgraded and even with the drizzle we were not mired in mud as in the past.

The paddle boats conjure images of the Old South and a different time period. We enjoyed Hurricanes at the bar along the river with Lindsey providing local color stories.

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