Journey: Day #8

Today’s journey is a fun “very” Southern trip from New Orleans to Lake Charles. Several years ago Hurricane Laura in 2020 made landfall here with 150 mph winds and a 9 foot surge. Many major structures and systems were destroyed and remain “under repair.” While piles of twisted debris remain, the blue tarps are less evident and businesses are reopening.

The most fascinating aspect of this little town is the drive thru liquor barn, the Double G Beverage Barn.

The drive thru provides a chance to explore the available brands, check the cooler cases, and place your order.

Not every type of liquor is available but the ladies are friendly, will look behind the side doors, and pull out substitutes designed to please.

The other historic aspect to this little city is the graveyard, some above ground. Many of the graves date from the 1800s with some in the present. Walking around is a trip through the lives of the many local residents.

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