WINTER TRIP 2022: Ocean City, MD to SoCAL




We left at 11:09 after a morning of heavy packing and travel to the RV storage site in Sussex, Delaware.  Snow was still on the ground, and it was cold and sunny.

The beauty of the sun on the Chesapeake Bay as we were crossing the onto the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel was a welcome reminder of entering into the first phase of a three-month journey to and from California to visit with family and friends. The unexpected confinement of the last year has worn on the psyche to the point of a nervous itch to travel but with limitations on choices.

After an uneventful drive, with some beautiful scenery, we made it to Virginia, staying at the Davis Lakes RV Campground in Suffolk, Virginia.  As in past years of RV travel the first night revealed some important problems that developed over the winter with the RV…the valve closures underneath and on the outside had apparently had some water left in them and had cracked.  This unfortunate issue was not previously apparent as the tanks were not filled and, while the pump had been tested, the water leak was only apparent when actually trying to use it.  

A plumber was contacted but was unable to come until the next morning.  Adaptions included using bottled water to flush and wash dishes, etc.  Dinner was lasagna, a comfort food that hit the spot.  


Waiting patiently for the plumber was a test of patience and unfounded faith that he was able to assess the problem and make the repairs.  He came, left for parts, returned but needed more, and was able to make a temporary repair until we can get the RV in for service in late spring when home.

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