Planning for Winter 2022 Trip West

As the Christmas holiday season nears its end, planning in our house has begun for the Winter/Spring 2022 trip west.  This has been an annual event since 2011.  Winter here at the beach can be blustery and very cold, sometimes with a bit of snow.  Anticipating this trip is the joy of selecting the theme, the route, and this year who will we visit.  Last year we got there to our son’s house and were stuck, much to their dismay and our sadness, since we could not visit with other relatives in the area due to the COVID surge and restrictions in Los Angeles and throughout California.

While COVID has not disappeared, most folks are out and about, some masked and some not.  We are fully vaccinated and boosted, which is not really a complete picture of safety with the continued onslaught of updates and changing requirements.  We do mask and have not been eating out very often, which is sad.  The trip across country in our RV will be a respite from the stay-at-home approach to life we have been living.  

The thrill of planning, selecting a theme, devising meals, and finding just the perfect campground brightens even the coldest winter day.  This year going south from Maryland and to as many refuges as we can realistically do in about three weeks will be the goal.  My travel journal will be full by the time we are home next spring!

But first, my trip planner has a big job!

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