Packing and Getting on the Road

Hawaii 2021

June 24, 2021

Leaving Ocean City

After two full days of sorting the travel outfits, snorkeling equipment, and clothes, arising at 4:45 am to be out the door by 5:30 seemed a minor obstacle. Of course, sleeping and worrying about this change in schedule made for a restless night. The worst part ended up skipping coffee so we could get on the road.

As we departed fully packed, the sun peaked its cheery light above the ocean.  This is the first sunrise I have seen here since before COVID.  We stopped our morning walks to the ocean and enjoyed our sunsets.  While satisfying for a bit, as we all know routine breeds boredom and schedule obsession. 

The traffic is light and the sky promises rising temperatures and humidity.  The blue is brushed with white cirrus clouds and a light haze.

Dawn coming up over the Atlantic Ocean

The difficulty in waking up made the trip fly by as mutual silence prevailed in the truck and we coasted along, alternately mentioning an issue related to the arrival at the airport and plans to relax once there.

Before it seemed possible, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge quickly approached.

All the lanes are open and we sail through!


After stashing the car at the Long Term, now Express, parking lot, we made our way to the waiting area for boarding and soon were on the plane, taking off.

On board Southwest to LAX


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