Hotel California

Feeling trapped, surrounded by thousands of potential spreaders, spawned the plan to get out. Living inside a condominium full-time, 24 /7 wore on the last nerve! Spending an isolated winter, dealing with the damp and wind and cold of the beach, was not going to happen.

During the winters, traveling to see my son and his family in sunny Southern California was a treat, not to be missed. This year, flights of many hours, in a potential COVID bullet, and changing planes several times was a big no no-no. So, we purchased another RV to travel in our bubble across the country.

As always, the trip was the main adventure. We arrived on December 15…and entered The Hotel California, in reverse. In years past, we have frequented the finer restaurants in the area, and there are many. We have taken day trips to museums and the beach. We have visited friends in the area and spent several days with relatives in the north. Now rather than rampant hedonism, life as we knew it was over.

Not this year. Once you get in, you can’t leave. COVID is everywhere, and many people are afraid. Since we have been visiting this year, my grandson has only physically attended preschool from January 19 through last Monday, February 2. Then, another student tested positive, and the health department implemented a quarantine period of 14 days. So, another no one in and no one out shut down.

Not that this wearying routine is new. But, life is moving along without our participation. Oh sure, take a walk in the canyon. Pick up groceries curbside. Take the dog for a walk in the neighborhood. It has been a year!!!!!

Like others, I want to stroll through a grocery store, picking out my own groceries. Sit and have a coffee in a cafe. Dine in a restaurant with a chef who cooks better than me. Get my nails done (if I wanted to). Shop until I drop (which I will likely never return to). Have coffee with my retired lady friends in the cozy coffee shop at the beach (now closed permanently due to COVID).

I want to smile at someone walking towards me on the sidewalk and see their smile back :).

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