Making Our Way South

After a first night on our Murphy Bed in the camper, we decided we need more padding, not on us but on the bed. But that is not the worst of the morning…we discovered a small puddle of water by the door. It looked like condensation leaking through the side of the door. The new coffee maker worked well and we watched our CBS Morning News which we accessed through the antenna. Off we drove from Davis Lakes, Suffox, Virginia headed to Bass Lakes, Dillon, NC, a 257 mile drive.

Driving through the south and looking out the window onto the cotton fields takes me back to the old “Southern” movies but then we get behind a truck with bales of cotton, being transported somewhere, and the only implication that the south endures.

The next landscape anomaly is the “bridge swamp” which is really a swamp with a long bridge extending for miles over decaying trees and vegetation, followed quickly along the highway by signs for boiled peanuts at the next right.

After a drive across the state line into South Carolina, the FIREWORKS signs shout out for miles and miles.

Arriving at the Bass Lakes Campground was a bit of an exaggeration, no bass and only one lake, which was a nice walk to from our campsite.

We fixed a wonderful dinner of scallops with baked potatoes and asparagus, making sure we eat as well on the road as at home 🙂

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