Beginning Winter 2023 Journey

Some of any trip involves planning, packing, lists, and the schedule. A cross-country journey involves these activities, to the extreme, and includes closing down a home and planning for any eventually possible throughout the four-month period. During years of diary keeping, I have mastered a log of retirement travels since 2011. Initially the focus was on European adventures prior to the onset of any age-related health issues. Intermingled have been RV trips across country every year.

Last year was a 92 day trip and 10, 910 miles. This year will likely be the same. So much has changed. COVID has diminished and travel experiences have opened up. Our beloved dog, Sadie, passed away in May after 14 wonderful years of love and best of all – travel companion.

Day1 involved packing up from home into the truck and unloading into the RV in unseasonably mild weather, including clothes, food, medicines/vitamins, cleaning supplies, bedding, and back-up plans. Of course, the batteries were dead but charged quickly. The mandatory stop with an RV is before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel Visitor Center to turn off the propane and pick up a bird book on Birds of the Delmarva.

The campsite for the evening was at Davis Lake RV in Suffolk, VA. Of course, the first issue with the RV occurred, the water pump turned on easily and shut down just as quickly. It would not work and exhaustion set in so homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese were dinner, then bed.

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