Traveling During COVID…or NOT!

When the news began to solidify that there was something unusual happening, I was in Southern California visiting my son and his family. We usually visit with them until about April 1 and return to endure the usual blustery East Coast spring. Deciding we were not going to get quarantined away from our home base, we flew home March 10 to be trapped instead in our condo since, although at least with a view of the water.

Our family trip in June to Hawaii was canceled since flying was out, and Hawaii was not allowing mainland visitors anyway.

Our fall leaf-peeping trip to New England to visit friends has been canceled since our friends don’t really want visitors, and we are afraid to fly anyway in a tube, trapped with the possibly ill.

Our trip to Columbus Isle in the Caribbean for the first two weeks December was canceled by Club Med already. We have gone every year since 2011, along with relatives and four other friends. Even when Hurricane Joaquin devastated the Bahamas, we still got together for an only one time trip to Cancun instead.

We bravely rescheduled the trip this year for Turks and Caicos Islands with Club Med. Turks and Caicos Islands are part of the EU. Today the EU announced Americans could not travel to EU countries. Turks just issued such complex requirements related to proof of negative COVID testing 72 hours before arrival, a 10-page questionnaire, requiring face masks on the beach…no buffets…no point in going there even if we could deal with these rigorous changes.

So, we are still planning to visit our son and his family in Southern California for Christmas, but we are driving instead! We’ll be on the road again 🙂

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