Egret Party

These egrets seem to have gathered for a group social activity for breakfast, keeping a respectful distance while everyone dines on fish, along with an errant mice or other small animals. During mild winters egrets will not migrant south, providing a graceful visual during an otherwise dreary season.

Egrets are structurally amazing birds, with snowy white feathers, long grey stilt legs, a yellow bill, non-webbed feet with long toes, and skinny stretchy necks. A member of the coastal bird family, the Great egret can be as large as 5 1/2 feet and the Little bittern is usually less than 2 feet. While a member of the Heron family, the egret is smaller and usually lives along the coastal marshes. Historically, in China, the egret represents strength, purity, patience and long life (YouTube, 2014).

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