On the Road Westward Bound, Day 2

The aim is about 300 miles per day, give or take. First moment is making coffee and getting the pup’s breakfast ready, of course after making the Murphy Bed and putting it away.

A movie mind view of the past greets us as we blaze our way through Virginia to North Carolina…real fields of cotton with some bursting with white puff balls hanging onto the low plant, some fields with huge bales of cotton wrapped and waiting for pickup.

Another persistent Southern landscape is the swamp, some stretching for miles with bridges built over the decaying vegetation and watery marsh.

Fireworks billboards shout out to stop and purchase anything your imagination can conjure, and then before we know it we pass over the Little Pee Dee River which is really a watery swamp.

Arriving at the Bass Lake Campground was a little bit of a surprise as the main feature is the proximity to Highway 95 and the roar of trucks and engines of cars ;(. There is a pleasant lake a long walk from the campground, worthy of the effort to find it.

Welcome 👏😏